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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 28, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EST

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just common sense. god bless and god bless this president for having the patience to put up with these fools. byron york. th much for being with us. kennedy: washington's sexual harassment fiasco continues to snow ball. should police be able to track your cell phone without your consent or warrant? did you buy anything on black friday or cyber monday? we'll you inside a shipping facility. both sides have trying to minimize their guilt and exaggerate the other's misdeeds for political gains. as long as we are obsessively talking about it, nobody has to do any work. with new predators and victims
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revealed every day, it reveals that people are yucky. that's all objectively bad, no matter whose lever you pull on voting day. but when you have behavior disgusting and unacceptable it isn't all of a sudden pal thattable and no biggy when your guy does it. nancy pelosi did her best to minimize the actions of john conyers. but if the same charges were aimed the kevin brady she would barf asoup.
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barf pea soup. the president tweeted of jones, quote, the last thing we need in alabama and the u.s. senate is a schumer and pelosi puppet. bad for our military and weak for the border and bad for our 2nd amendment and wants to raise taxes to the sky. one thing we should reasonably expect is a consistent response if there is any believable sincerity. otherwise we have a broken and hypocritical system driven by political tribalism which is almost as bad as russia. welcome to the show, comrade. i'm kennedy. the michigan democratic congressman john conyers stepped
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down from his leadership position on the house judiciary committee. al franken said he's embarrass and ashamed of his actions. >> i'm going to try to learn from my mistakes. in doing so i have been doing a lot of reflecting, and i want to be someone who adds something to this conversation. kennedy: you have added enough, al. joe barton dealing with a nude photo scandal and possible investigation into how the photos were leaked. what can lawmakers do to get back on track? joining me, hadley manning. this is very proper make it for republicans and democrats for a
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number of reasons. what is the appropriate response of those in power to victims and to those who are accused of violating them? >> well, we have to stay away from double standards. we have some accept the point and take the point that sexual assault, sexual mix quon dicts always wrong wrong wrong it doesn't mat first's your guy doing it. it doesn't matter the party. we have the rise above partisanship and look at what you call a moral failure. kennedy: should we expect that representative conyers and senator franken and potentially judge noor drop out of the race or resign from their powerful offices? >> the problematic point when it comes to sexual assault and sexual ahasment in the political world. there are voters and people
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being represented. there are constituents with interests beyond personal lives of people in office. we are always looking for the truth as voters and constituents. some of the sexual assault in the political world boil down to he said-she said. i'm speaking generally here. we can understand how there could be politically motivated accusations that could not be true. when it comes to the political world. politics is focusing on the issues. voters have to decide what do i have to think about the person. >> is this someone whom i can trust. >> some people defending roy moore in alabama hahr have said the same thing. there is not exactly a pro is of
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skew process -- not exactly due process. if someone comes forward and claims they were a victim of harassment or assault,er in essentially sent to sensitivity training before they are allowed to proceed with any action. >> that's right. we don't want double standards between republicans and democrats and we shouldn't have a double standard between people. taxpayers should be interested to know between 1997 and 2014, the office of compliance paid out $15.2 million dollars in award and settlements. there is a different system when you are a complainant or victim of sexual harassment on capitol hill. you have to go through mandatory counseling and go through a
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waiting period before you can file a complaint. it's a serious game when it comes to having a workplace comfortable for everyone. we should hold lawmakers and people in public office to a higher standard. kennedy: until taxpayers start paying out their hush money. these payments are meant to circumvent due process. none of it is made public. and several lawmakers said it's an antiquated system that had to change. thank you for your point. i appreciate it. now let me take it to my stained glass party panel. she is a report at "the federalist." and joe devito and matt welch is here. so, it was interesting watching al franken's press conference
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from earlier in the day. he says he wants to be much more conscious, careful and sensitive. but didn't talk about how he was going to reach that consciousnesser sensitivity. is this a bunch of empty language to get him off the story so he doesn't have to resign? my question is how? what are you doing? coming out saying i'm so sorry. that's not magic enough for me. >> i will hold up the possibility this could be an elaborate prank or scheme. i have been able to exist 49 years on this planet without joe devito grabbing his butt. i don't want roy moore to resign. he's a terrible person for a thousand reasons.
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the longer all of these people stay in the more people in the antiquated and losing market share two-party system to reveal themselves to be whores for power. al franken or john con yers co-sponsored the violence against women act. kennedy: that was the rationale al franken was using today. too late, man. >> they want to be in the conversation. they say i'm going to do a lot of listening. how about the part where someone said keep your hands to yourself. these are things that happened a while ago. even those one with sweden was relatively recent. come out and say act like a jerk. i apologize and won't do it
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again. kennedy: we are not talking about louis ck. he did say this was gross and i shouldn't have done it. >> and he didn't say he would have to go to a weird rehab. i think one that doesn't fit in there is joe barton. that was a consensual relationship with an adult woman. but it's not like roy moore where consensual is a big word for an 8th grader. kennedy: people are grossed out. we still have to get stuff done. you have a lot of weirdoes who have been told for a long time this is okay. >> if you are a grove and exposer you shouldn't be in congress or in a position of power.
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kennedy: charlie rose, done. potted plants, out of here. >> watching the double standard from women in positions of purr. giving different answers depending on what is politically expedient for her. a political writer wrote a defense of al franken who said he's an awful person but he should remain in congress because he votes pro-choice. whatever feminist ideals they have to roll and wish on, we have to do it. >> that's the point we have come to and that's why people despise politicians. they are filthy and scummy and slimy and they will do whatever they have to do to get more money and stay in power.
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the senate is bubbling down on tax reform. the republican leaders are hoping to start voting on their tax bill as early as tomorrow. liberals like susan collins. deficit hawks like senator bob cork and jeff flake. and senator ron johnson from wisconsin who said he is a no vote and is concerned about how small businesses are taxed. critics mocking republicans for making the tax cuts permanent. lindsey graham says that's not a problem. >> are republicans going to have the votes by the end of the month? >> i think so. they are concerned the personal tax cuts expire in 2025, and that's a bit of a gimmick.
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but we'll get there because failure is not an option when it comes to cutting taxes. kennedy: failure isn't an option. can the senate get it done or will this be a re-do of the healthcare debacle? >> i think the person to watch is jerry mor moran. he said we don't want to have the kansas example. kansas cut takss but didn't cut spending. now kansas is screwed, the national gop is following that model and he's calling it out. kennedy: that's what we have been saying on this show, cut taxes, cut spending. >> trump counting on them is not good for him. kennedy: i don't think it's good
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math. you never really know. the corporate tax rate could help some small business. but ron johnson is saying if you have going to make this permanent you have to help out the mom and pop shops. >> i agree with him on that. i hope he sticks with that. small business is what employs americans. someone like myself who is self employed, we don't need them taking deductions away from us. kennedy: susan collins. she is such a holdout. she is like scarlet o'hara and her suiters. >> i'm sick of relationship cans holding up legislation to grandstand over dumb things. it would be one thing if she said we shouldn't slip in the individual mandate into this thanks plan. obamacare is such a scramble
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this will cause problems for many americans. but instead she is upset that americans aren't forced to buy insurance. it is projected 13 million americans will lose understand because nobody is holding a gun to their head. kennedy: there is a difference between losing insurance and choose not to. >> i choose not to drive myself. the party panel will return later. the supreme court about to hear if police can track your cell phone without a warrant.
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kennedy: welcome back, liberty lovers. i have two stories that will affect your liberty and privacy. congress is set to extend fisa which allows the government to spy on americans and the supreme court will rule on a case that
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will determine whether police are allowed to track your cell phone if you are suspected of a crime. it could be easily abused which is why we need to fight back. judge, what is the status of section 702 of the fisa law. >> section 702 of the fisa lou permits federal agents to go to a secret court in watched and get a warrant to listen to telephone calls and capture the contents of all electronic or digital communication on the basis of less than what the constitution requires. the constitution says no searches without warrants and no warrants without probable cause. the fisa statute does not require the government to come forward with that evidence. they can listen to anybody.
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but it's worse than that. the whole concepts of fisa, the concept of a federal agent going to a secret cord to conduct secret surveil yains a subject tremendous -- surveillance is a subterfuge. it's less expensive ghost to surveil everyone all the time and that's that's what they do. they pretend to follow the nice nice a. in reality they don't follow that statute. kennedy: the nsa said this writes we crossed the line during the obama administration. that's only the stuff they told us about. there has been reporting and interagent stay squabbles that led to sunlight on some of these problematic leanings.
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>> remember they said we don't have content, we just have meta data. now they admit they have content. kennedy: that's something you have been saying all along. they get billions of emails every single day, it's all warrantless and essentially illegal. you also say congress is terrified of the intel joins communities. therefore they are not going to change anything. >> look what the intelligence community did to the president of the united states when he was president-elect. resleetion scurrilous -- releasing scurrilous information about him when they might was incorrect. the late great justice scalia himself told me he believed the nsa was spying on the supreme court. if they will spien the supreme court and the congress shell spy
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and everybody else. kennedy: there is a case the supreme court is going to hear this week about the use of cell phone towers as information goes from one cell phone tower to the next and track your behavior and information warrantslessly. the -- -- warrantlessly. what do you think is going to happen? >> the defendant drove around and coached out radio shack and a couple businesses which he eventually robbed. in his car was his mobile device. he didn't know the mobile device records everywhere he goes. so the police by gathering this information from stealing the wireless information from the mobile device or asking a phone company for it were able to track all of his records and movements.
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he walked around this place five times then he robbed it. question, can they have get that information, that private information of where your phone has been without a warrant? answer? the supreme court said gathering electronic surveillance is a search or seizure understood the 4th amendment. and it says no searches or seizures without warrant. all they have to do is present the evidence they have about this person to a judge and if the judge says there is probable cause, they will seen it warrant. if they dock this without a warrant, there is no limit from the government can get from us. you want to keep our browsing records on the internet to yourself, you better hope the government loses this case. i think they will lose. i think we'll see a justice gorsuch come to the side of the 4th amendment along with the
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far more liberal members of the court and the conservatives. in my case my personal buddies deterrenting. -- dissenting. >> the 4th amendment prove texts purses -- protects purses, house and effects. what do you call this. an effect. kennedy: it's the reality and the evolution of society. >> is there enough evidence to convict shim without violating his rights? there absolutely is. sometimes the constitution protects the criminality of a few to insulate the sprief i of a few -- the privacy of a few of us. kennedy: a terrorist attack on a
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kennedy: more than 300 people including 21 children were
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killed in egypt when militants attacked a mosque. the crown prince salman offered condolences to egypt. the crown opinions said the alliance will not allow extremists to tarnish the reputation of their religion and promised to do everything he can to erase terrorism from the face of the earth. joining me now former cia operative, the president of diligence llc. it's mike baker. welcome. >> we got all sorts of good deals and cyber intelligence on cyber monday. kennedy: let's talk about the
12:31 am
saudi arabian push to eradicate. it sounds like saudi arabia is our best friend in the region and they are doing god's work by taking people who bastardize the religion and taking them to thanks and kicking them off the planet. >> it's not a new initiative. they talked about this a couple years ago. but the crown prince is pushing hard on it. they had saga they aring of leaders from this initiative. the idea is great. so if we set aside our cynicism and thought that it may be difficult for all these various countries with their own agenerals today and ideas too work together. kennedy: what's the catch, baker? >> the crown prince may be
12:32 am
pushing this now because he's working very hard to consolidate his power before his dad the king dies. not just the power in the kingdom, but power as leader of the region. he may be doing this more to counter the iranian threat and the growing iranian influence in the region than for the stated goal of defeating terrorism. but setting cynicism aside, we need to support this. anything they do, anything the saudis do to share resources, to work on combating and financing of terrorism, the communications terrorists use to come bait militarily. anything they can do amongst their initiative is a good thing. we just have to wait and see -- kennedy: i think we should be
12:33 am
sceptical because prince mohammad is a authoritarian. he's letting a few women drive. but i think that's a token gesture. it's all about concentrating power. >> the biggest threat to the region isn't sort of terrorism. terrorism grabs the headlines. but the biggest threat to the region is iran. iran continues to spin its sentr --its centrifuges. so the crown prince is working hard to counter that, and that's probably what he's doing with this initiative. kennedy: until i can wear hot pants and a tube top in riyadh in broad daylight i would say we still have problems.
12:34 am
mike baker, thank you so much. susan sarandon still doesn't like hillary clinton. she spoke out about her refusal to back hillary, telling the yar --telling "the guardian." we would still be frack and we would still be at war. she said she voted for jill stein which earned her condemnation from the left. is it any surprise to see democrats turning on one of their own for refusing to step in line? the party panel is next. i'm always excited to see an ultra leftist take a whack at hillary clinton. >> now they are taking a whack at susan sarandon. people i think their eyes glass over they manage they can't
12:35 am
reconcile the fact that hillary clinton is the most of hawkish democrat. they mean big ones where you topping the regime and send troops in. donald trump has escalated the crappy wars, but he's not likely to start a land war anywhere. that's what sarandon meant and that's not a raisey conclusion to come up with. kennedy: that's a conclusion bernie sanders and jill stein supporters came to and that's why they wouldn't walk in lock step with hillary clinton. she created her own establishment. but not a surprise to see the left cannibalizing itself. >> i agree that there used to be a country called libya that
12:36 am
fungsd and was under control, now they aring a slave auctions. i will give her credit because she took an unpopular position. remember when she stayed by sean penn's side. kennedy: that was madonna. she wants to blow up the white house. what do you take from susan sarandon's comments. >> she point out the fact that hillary clinton tried to diminish and swiend the rug allegations against her husband. if you are a feminist you are supposed to believe all women deserve the right to be believed or at least be listened to. we have video footage of her. kennedy: a vast right-wing conspiracy. >> i think susan sarandon is right for calling her out.
12:37 am
watching the world go after her. it underscores feminism is about pushing a left agenda. kennedy: hillary is no longer the queen bee, but that doesn't keep the hive from making sure susan gets stung. sales expected to hit a new record. how is amazon handling all those orders? deirdre bolton is at their ware news new jersey. she'll join me in moments. stay right here. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their...
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finally gone. the leftovers are eaten, and people are on our come computers. last year sales hit $6.6 billion. joining me now, deirdre bolton. she is at an amazon fulfillment center in new jersey. $6.6 billion expected in sales today. could it be more than that?
12:42 am
i predict it could be higher. >> my money is on you it seems that number could go higher. fun it comes in at $6.6 bi. that's bert by 16.5% higher than last year. 8 million people are expected -- 68 million people are expected to buy something. 78 mill is 48% of shoppers. you have to leave out babies. kennedy: are you in an episode of "i love lucy"?
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>> this is one of the boxes, last step before the bridge. this a conveyer belt. this after all the work which is done between man and machine have put together your package so you get your kitchen dish soap, the book your child likes. or became towels. you are going to see that red infrared scanner, that's the last stop where a box scanned and goes on to loading docks where delivery trucks are waiting. >> this year delivery trucks, next year drones. there was a scathing report that came out that said people within these amazon facility are overworked. they get timed bathroom breaks
12:44 am
and caged mike mice. >> the company put out an official statement. a report came from a u.k. newspaper talking about conditions at amazon it says amazon provides a safe and positive workplace with competitive pay and benefits from day one. the vast majority of exception requests had been accepted. i think the idea is some people asked for a vacation and felt disgrintd when they didn't get it. but the company is hiring 120,000 seasonal workers and extras across million fulfillment centers like this one. this is one of 75 in the u.s. there are humans, there are machines and they are working together. i was here for a break as well.
12:45 am
people here look as if they are working. coming along. but working happily. kennedy: have fun over there. >> i'm going to get you a santa hat. kennedy: i hope it fur lined. i love animals. have fun. coming up. all that thanksgiving eating inspired a california man to go on a serious crash diet. it's innnnn
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kennedy: i would like to wish a happy birthday to the late, great jimmy hendricks. he's famous for his hit song "purple haze," and "manic depression." which is hillary clinton's theme song. topic number one. we begin in the beautiful seaside hamlet of playa del rey, california where one man
12:50 am
couldn't wait to hit the gym after turkey day. look at that angle. customers got a scare when a 35-year-old man crashed through the wall in his truck. luckily no one was hurt in the incident because he drove into the leg machine. no one wants to sift heat grass with st. peter. topic number two. prince harry is fifth in line for the throne but first in line for the altar after he popped the question to his girlfriends. sources say there wasn't a dry eye in the olive garden when he
12:51 am
dropped to one knee and said will you -- make me be the happiest in the world. prince harry became famous for the drink drama bathing students. the wedding is expected to take place in 2018. they look so thrilled here. but it hasn't been all fun and games. the queen has called four times asking them to play the electric slide. she insists they have an open boor at the reception. heavy is the head that wears the crown royal.
12:52 am
topic number three. the oakland raiders and denver broncos didn't have time to go shopping on black friday, but that didn't stop them from getting the full experience yesterday. the bronco quarterback snatched a gold chain off crabtree's neck. he went he into full walmart shopper mode. crabtree set to leave a candy gram. don't worry. we can get a cyber monday deal on that wall. what else he doing? accelerating. topic number four.
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seattle's space needle. remember the children'sbook. it's celebrating its 55th birthday the same way a lot of americans do. not by buying a corvette. it's getting a make over. the private company that owns the needle will get upgrades it's designed by architect seymour butts. the renovations are expected to be finished in early june which is a win-win for the locals. that's when the seattle mayor flers usually finished. one door closes, another elevator door opens. ken griffey, jr. will have a heck of a season. if you are look for a toothpick after thanksgiving dish and
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we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. kennedy: remember when eminem released an assault on the president and everyone yawnd? it wasn't his best work. but you can't blamed middle aged rapper for trying to troll the commander-in-chief. the harder they try the harder he does. i thought this quote when eminem
12:59 am
said in an interview, i was and still am extremely angry, and i can't stand that mother fer and i feel like not paying attention to me. i was waiting for him to say something, and for some reason he didn't say anything. kennedy: he didn't say anything because no one cares. your best work is amazing, grounds break and dripping with iran unsustainable talent. but haven't sustained. so don't ask complain. next time try some honesty. who are you, black china? maybe next time the president will give you a pat on the head or spank on the bottom. until then, light up, marshall. thank you for being part of the best however your day. tomorrow night on the show, tom
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